We understand that you may have questions about what to expect from a podiatry appointment.  Please view our list of Frequently Asked Questions or call us for more information.

What should I expect at my first consultation?

During your consultation we will review your medical history and assess your condition. Together we will discuss your symptoms, other contributing factors and answer any questions you may have. Our professionals will provide you with an accurate diagnosis before treating you to relieve pain and regain mobility. During your consultation education will be provided, increasing your understanding of your condition and how to reduce the chances of it recurring.

Do I need a referral?

A medical referral is only necessary if you have been injured at work and your case is being managed by Work Cover, you are receiving treatment under the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, or your doctor feels you qualify for treatment via Medicare under the EPC program. Otherwise, you do no not need a medical referral to receive treatment from a podiatrist or to be able to claim a private health rebate for podiatry services from a private health fund.

Can I claim podiatry through my health fund? Do you have Hicaps?

If you have ‘extras’ cover you may be eligible to claim part of your treatment fee. Individual health fund benefits can vary so you are best to check the details of your policy directly with your insurer. Most health funds are online with HICAPS, enabling Advance Foot Clinic to process your health fund rebate, leaving only the gap for you to pay following your consultation. Please ensure you bring your health fund card with you.

How long does a treatment take?

Your first consultation will take approximately 30-40 minutes with follow up consultations generally requiring 30minutes. Our reception staff will discuss this with you to gain an understanding of the time you require when booking your consultation.

Is car parking available?

For quick and easy access, all surgeries are conveniently located close to public transport, plus free parking is available.

Am I given exercises and advice on how to help myself?

Often your podiatrist will give you a stretching/strengthening program to accelerate improvement in your condition, as well as giving you footwear advice. We will provide you with informative leaflets for you to follow and refer to.

What are the terms for payment and cancellation?

Payment is required at the time of the consultation in the form of cash, cheque or credit card. If you need to cancel your appointment, It is requested that you provide adequate notice (at least 48 hours if possible).

What do I bring to my appointment?

Please bring anything to your appointment that you feel will assist with your diagnosis and treatment. This may include footwear, referral letters and relevant test results such as x-rays.

What should I wear?

This will depend on the type of treatment you are receiving. Generally we recommend loose, comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement and enable us to see your legs.

Do I need to confirm my appointment?

The day before your consultation, we will either send out a ´reminder sms´ or phone you to confirm your appointment. Please feel free contact us for confirmation, if you have not received a reminder

What are the costs?

Depending on the treatment required, costs for consultations vary from $25 to $150. Please feel free to contact us for more accurate costs.

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