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Kids Feet

Kids feet (especially below 4) are soft and pliable.

Your Children should visit Advance Foot Clinic if any of the following is evident:

  • pain in the feet or legs
  • shoe wear is uneven
  • the feet are abnormally shaped
  • tripping and falling occurs
  • toenail pain
  • skin lesions (such as tinea pedis)

Pressures that come from poor footwear or abnormal foot alignment can easily cause a child’s foot to deform. A child’s foot grows rapidly within the first year, generally reaching about half their adult foot size. Early intervention can achieve correction and maximize the kids feet health.

In older children and adolescents, growing pains in the leg and foot are a common complaint, often causing a deep ache during physical activities and at night. There are some specific causes of growing pains, especially in the heel, called Sever´s disease or calcaneal apophysitis and at the knee, where its called Osgood-schlatters disease. These diseases are directly correlated with growth spurts and are able to be remedied with podiatric care. Feet that sweat profusely or have a smelly odor can also be a problem in the older child.