Custom Made Orthotics

Advance Foot Clinic podiatrists are able to prescribe custom foot orthoses (orthotics) to assist in the rehabilitative process of many conditions.

Custom foot orthoses made by Advance Foot Clinic are completely customised towards the needs of the patient. The devices are made by hand off a plaster cast of your foot by our own experienced lab staff to ensure they are not uncomfortable or ‘too hard’. Prior to prescribing a pair of orthotics the podiatrist will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine the cause of your problem.

Advance Foot Clinic makes many different types of orthotics – The type of orthotic prescribed will be affected by the physical examination. When prescribing Custom Foot Orthoses the requirements of your condition, your activities and your footwear will be taken into consideration.

Custom Foot Orthoses have been successfully used many times to relieve pain and treat conditions including common causes of foot, heel, leg and knee pain.

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