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Meet Our People

Advance Foot Clinic is an established podiatry practice operating in Mount Isa and Brisbane’s northern and western suburbs. Our team of podiatrists are accredited with AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. They are committed to providing treatment above and beyond expectations for a whole range of podiatry complaints.

As a diverse and driven team, Advance Foot Clinic caters for all podiatric complaints including developmental issues, sports injuries, gait analysis, orthotics, footwear advice, nail surgeries, diabetics, arthritic disorders, corns and warts. With a patient case-load as diverse as our team, ranging from newly-walking children through to the older generations, Advance Foot Clinic is well-prepared to treat even the most difficult of cases to walk through our doors.

Angela Holland Podiatrist

angela holland | Director & Principal podiatrist

Anthony Mansbridge Podiatrist

Anthony Mansbridge | Assistant Director & Senior podiatrist

Cherize Vorster Mount Isa Podiatrist

Cherize Vorster | Senior podiatrist

Pamela Denman Podiatrist

Pamela Denman | Senior Podiatrist

Tiia Orth Podiatrist

Tiia Orth | Senior Podiatrist

Michelle Van Der Merwe Podiatrist

Michelle Van Der Merwe | Podiatrist

Mark Little Podiatrist

Mark Little | Podiatrist