Dorsal compression syndrome occurs when the foot flattens out too much. The foot is an arch. When an arch collapses, the arch gets longer on the bottom and shorter on the top. So as the foot flattens, the arch gets shorter on top of the foot leading to pressure between the bones. This increased pressure is what causes the top of your foot to hurt. It can also be caused due to restriction of movement at the ankle joint.

Main contributing factors 
  • Forces that cause the arch to drop
  • Tight gastrocnemius and/or soleus muscles (calves)
  • Increased weight
  • Repetitive stress/strain
  • Excessive pronation (feet that roll in too much)
  • Incorrect/ unsupportive footwear
Treatment for Dorsal Compression Syndrome
  • Footwear assessment for stability
  • Heel lifts
  • Orthotics to prevent the arch flattening
  • RICE – rest, ice, compression & elevation
  • Activity modification or reduction
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs  (Nurofen etc)
  • Calf stretches
What can you do?
  • Follow all instructions from your podiatrist
  • Footwear assessment – it may be time for a new pair
  • Perform calf stretches regularly
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