Foot orthoses (orthotics) are a mainstay treatment option for a number of problems ranging all the way from pain in the feet to neck and shoulder pain. Podiatrists in particular use orthotics on a regular basis to help patients recover from and prevent lower limb pain and gait problems.

Orthotics being customized for fitting

What are orthotics?

We place orthotic inserts in your shoes to change the alignment of the bones in your feet. Foot orthoses also provide cushioning and pressure reduction for painful areas of your feet. Podiatrists are the experts in providing foot orthoses. They have thoroughly studied biomechanics of the feet and understand the unique considerations in providing orthotic interventions.

What are they used for?

Orthotics improve comfort in the feet by redistributing plantar forces and repositioning joints into a more effective alignment. These changes in the feet also influence other joints, muscles and tendons higher up in your body. For example, your knee, hip or back pain may be reduced by improving your foot posture.

Foot orthoses are generally used to treat:

What types of orthotics are there?

Generally speaking there are two main types of foot orthoses available that we provide. The main option we recommend for the best treatment is custom orthoticsThese orthotics are made using a scan or cast of your actual physical foot. This means they fit you perfectly, like a glove. Your podiatrist is then able to provide the best possible biomechanical correction and the most comfortable orthotic for you.

The alternative option is a pre-made or formthotics (prefabricated) orthoses.These orthotics are different to what you can buy over the counter at a pharmacy or footwear store, but they are not a fully custom orthotic. Instead they are a general orthotic template which comes in a range of sizes and can fit most feet. Our podiatrists then heat-mould and modify this orthotic template to provide a better fit, arch contour and support to your individual feet. Prefab orthotics are customised to your feet, but they are not made custom for your feet. This is the reason why there is a difference in cost between the two options.

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