Cold Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Lunula Cold Laser Treatment

Are your yellow fungal nails something you are embarrassed of? Many people suffer from toenail fungus which can lead to yellow toenails or nail infections.

The Lunula Cold Laser treatment is the breakthrough new treatment bringing new hope to people suffering from fungal nail infections, or onychomycosis.

It is a safe and effective treatment option for fungal nail infections, a superior alternative to time consuming nail paints, possible side effects from oral medications and painful hot lasers.

How does the fungal nail laser work?

The Lunula low level cold laser treatment is the gold standard treatment for a fungal nail infection. The Lunula Laser device produces two rotating laser beams which are able to cover a large area of the foot to completely treat all of the infected nails simultaneously.

Essentially, the Lunular Laser Treatment works by utilising two lasers that have been set at different frequencies.

This works effectively to treat the fungal nail infection both on the surface, and below it, heading deep into the infected nails, nail bed, and surrounding skin. 

The body will also respond well to the fungal nail laser treatment as it will help to clear the nail infection combined with getting rid of any remaining living toenail fungus. 

There are two laser types used to treat fungal nail infections

Blue (405nm):

This effective laser acts directly and specifically upon the fungal nail infection and causes changes in its outer wall. This weakens nail infections significantly, allowing the body’s immune system to attack and destroy it, allowing the affected nail to be rid of the fungal nail infection and begin to heal. 

Red (635nm)

The Red (635nm) laser is acting upon the body’s natural immune cells – fortifying them, thus making them more active and able to neutralise and destroy the weakened nail fungus. In addition to all of this, the red light can stimulate and improve blood flow. 

This additional blood flow brings nutrients and additional immune cells to the affected area speeding up the treatment process.

The Benefits of the Fungal Nail Laser


No messy nail paints


Simple and quick no-fuss treatment

No side-effects

Unlike other treatment options


Research shows the Lunula Laser therapy has an 80% success rate

What you need to know

At your initial appointment

You will be required to make an initial consultation, where the podiatrist will assess and file down your toenail/s. Then you will be given a 40% urea cream to apply to the infected nail/s for two weeks.

A fortnight from that first appointment, you will have your first Photodynamic Therapy (PACT) session.

Before your laser therapy appointment

Make sure that you remove all nail polish, shellac and artificial nails.

Treatment time

Treatments take 20 minutes to an hour.

Ideally for


After your laser appointment

For optimal results, it is important to follow these instructions:
- Ensure that you implement an antifungal regime at home to avoid reinfection and cross infection of your nails.
- Avoid applying polish, shellac or acrylic to the infected toenail.
- Be patient, toenails are slow-growing.

The Process of Laser Therapy

Your podiatrist will advise on the best course of action to achieve optimal fungal toenail treatment outcomes during initial consultation.

Minutes per foot
Once per week
For four weeks
One of our expert podiatrists at Advance Foot Clinic

Assessment & Treatment of Fungal Nails

If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about an upcoming visit to your podiatrist to consult on your laser therapy, we understand. We’ve laid out exactly what to expect during your initial consultation.

During a fungal nail assessment, your Podiatrist will:

What to expect during your Lunula Cold Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Did you know?

More than 10% of the population have nails that have been damaged by a fungal infection.

Tips to Prevent Reinfection

To optimise the success of your fungal nail treatment, it is essential that you minimise the risk of reinfection.

Some things you can do include the following:

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