Cuboid syndrome is a subluxation or disruption of the cuboid bone, which lies on the outside of the foot. The disruption of this bone causes irritation to the surrounding soft tissue structures that attach to this bone.

  • Rapid development of pain, discomfort or weakness
  • Pain directly over the cuboid bone and / or extending plantarly along to the arch.
  • Lateral side of the foot may be swollen, or bruised.
  • Painful both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing.
Main contributing factors 
  • Single injury event
  • Excessive inversion of the ankle or excessive plantar flexion of the foot
  • Activities involving repetitive jumping
  • Overuse
Treatment for Cuboid Syndrome
  • Cuboid manipulation/ realigning
  • Cuboid padding and strapping
  • If biomechanics is a contributory cause – orthotics may be considered
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs  (Nurofen etc)
 What can you do?
  • Reduce or modify current activities
  • Gradually resume normal activity as symptoms resolve
  • Footwear assessment – you may be wearing the wrong shoes
  • Wear any prescribed footwear and support devices
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