An ankle impingement is a painful mechanical limitation of full ankle range of motion due to a bony or soft-tissue abnormality in the front of the ankle. This condition is common in athletes with professional athletes being three times more likely than non-athletes.

Common Causes
  • Congenital – from birth symptoms usually begin to appear as a teenager. 
  • Wear – due to excessive forces through the front of the ankle joint.
  • Traumatic - sporting injury, accident etc.
  • Infection (soft tissue).
Treatment for Anterior Ankle Impingement
  • RICE – rest, ice, compression & elevation.
    • Activity modification or reduction.
    • Flat footwear may need to be avoided.
    • Soft tissue massage & stretching exercise.
    • If biomechanics is a contributory cause – orthotics may be considered.
    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs  (Nurofen etc).
What can you do?
  • Reduce or modify current activities.
  • Gradually resume normal activity as symptoms resolve.
  • Ice after training/ activity 15 minutes on, 2 hours off, 15 minutes on.
  • Footwear assessment – it may be time for a new pair.
  • Stretch your lower leg muscles – but not to the point that it causes pain.
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