Onyfix Nail Brace for Ingrown Nails

What is Onyfix?

Onyfix is a new form of treatment for involuted (convex curling) and ingrown nails. Onyfix is a special paste we apply in a horizontal direction across the nail. We then harden this under special blue light. The end result is a white, hard strip across the nail approximately 2mm high and 4mm wide. This strip stays permanently on your nail for a number of months to gradually reshape the nail.

Onyfix nail brace for ingrown nails is both painless and affordable! All of our podiatrists have trained to be able to provide this treatment. If you have involuted or ingrown toenails, talk to your podiatrist about whether Onyfix is the solution for you.

Onyfix application for ingrown toenails

How does it work?

Once we’ve applied it, Onyfix works gradually as the nail grows. The rigid band holds the nail in a flatter shape, encouraging the edges to uncurl and grow without digging into the skin. This process is not instant and will not provide immediate pain relief or visual results, but most patients will feel some improvement after a few months.

Having Onyfix applied is easy and painless. As your podiatrist, we will prepare your nail first. We clean the nail and use a special tool called a burr to roughen up the area to assist with adhesion. A special nail lacquer is then applied and allowed to fully dry before we place the Onyfix paste onto your nail. We then mould the paste into a suitable strip to treat your nail before setting it to harden under a special blue light. Once set, we smooth out the Onyfix strip with a burr to ensure it will not catch on anything and will be comfortable and unobtrusive as you go about your everyday life. 

Onyfix applications are redone every 3-4 months for approximately 12 months in total to ensure your nail is successfully reshaped. After 12 months, your podiatrist will use a burr to remove the Onyfix (or you can wait for it to fully grow out and simply trim it off as you normally trim your nails).  

The benefits of Onyfix

The number one benefit of Onyfix is that it is 100% pain free! There are no needles or cutting of the nail involved. Onyfix is safe to use on everyone including young children, pregnant women, diabetics and patients who are unsuitable for nail surgery.

Who is it for?

Everyone, there are no exclusions! With that being said, Onyfix will not treat every type of ingrown nail effectively. Onyfix is the most suitable for ingrown nails caused by a curled nail. Specifically, where the convex curl of the nail will cause the edges of the nail to point downwards and dig into the surrounding skin. In these cases, Onyfix is ideal. Onyfix will not however fix an ingrown nail caused by a nail spike (due to improper nail cutting) or a very wide, flat nail. These causes are best addressed by other means such as conservative trimming or nail surgery. Your podiatrist will be able to advise you on whether Onyfix is a suitable treatment for your individual presentation.

How Many Treatments are Required?

If you’re considering the commencement of any treatment, it is imperative to have an assessment prior. Once a trained podiatrist has evaluated the infection, they will discuss with you a treatment plan.

The Onyfix system is normally adhered to your toenail for about 2-3 months. When the toenail grows, the Onyfix will grow with the toenail and retrain an involuted, or ingrowing nail, back to its natural shape. There will need to be repeated applications of the Onyfix as it grows higher up your nail plate, usually four over 12-18 months.

How is it different from traditional nail bracing?

Traditional nail bracing usually involves a hook pulling under the edges of the nail. We apply Onyfix only to the top surface of your nails and it does not twist or lift your nail. As a result, Onyfix is completely comfortable and does not risk any cracking or lifting of the nail (onycholysis) which may encourage other problems like fungal nails.

Onyfix does not force your nail into a better position. Instead, it gradually changes the path of least resistance which your nail tends to grow in.

What you need to know

Where can I book the Onyfix treatment?

Onyfix nail brace for ingrown nails can be booked at any of our podiatry clinics in Brisbane or Mount Isa.

How do I book a treatment?

Please phone the clinic (1300 76 33 66) or chat to your podiatrist at your next appointment.

How long is an appointment?

Onyfix application will take approximately 10-15minutes.

Before your appointment

Do not attempt to cut your own nails before your onyfix appointment. You may wish to bathe before your appointment, as you will need to keep the toe dry for 24 hours after application.

After your appointment

You will need to avoid getting the Onyfix wet for 24 hours following your application appointment. We can cover the toenail with a waterproof dressing to help with this, however it is always advisable to plan to avoid water altogether if possible.


No, it’s 100% pain-free!

Absolutely! There are no risks of treatments. Onyfix can be used in many populations where other treatments for ingrown nails are classed as too risky. This includes the very young to the very old.

This depends on your private health insurance coverage. The code for onyfix treatment is F344. We can claim through hicaps at the time of your treatment, but you may wish to check coverage with your private health fund beforehand.

Yes and no. It is designed to be permanent in the sense that it should not come off after application through all normal life activities (e.g. swimming, showering, the beach). Onyfix is designed to stay on your nail for 3-4 months before a new band is applied. Most patients will choose to keep the band on until it simply grows out of the nail (approx 12 months). If it needs to be removed beforehand, however, that can certainly be done – your podiatrist can safely and painlessly grind away the Onyfix with a special nail tool called a burr.

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