Pain Free Injection

Pain-free injection for infected toenail treatment

If you’re anxious about the pain you may feel with your infected or ingrown toenail treatment or your local anaesthetic injection, we have great news for you; we offer a completely pain-free, needle-free local anaesthetic injection option at Advance Foot Clinic.

If you wonder how to treat an ingrown toenail wonder no more with our podiatry advice. Picture of a foot with toenail infection highlighted.

Pain-free local anaesthetic injections at Advance Foot Clinic

When you choose Advance Foot Clinic for your infected ingrown toenail treatment, or any other potentially painful podiatry treatment, we will ask you if you would like a pain-free injection for your local anaesthetic.

The technology we use for this is called Comfort-In™, and uses a combination of pressure, a purpose-built nozzle, and high velocity to inject the local anaesthetic liquid into your skin. All you feel is a slight pressure, and, as there are no needles, you don’t even experience the pain of an injection before the local anaesthetic numbs the area.

Pain-free Injection for ingrown toenails: everything you need to know

Comfort-In™ is a needle-free, painless injection system that delivers medication like local anaesthetic into the skin without needles and without pain. The Comfort-In™ technology uses air pressure and high-velocity to inject a very narrow jet of anaesthetic liquid into the skin layer, and can barely be felt. It’s great for delivering numbing local anaesthetic to treatment areas of otherwise painful conditions like ingrown toenails.

Safe and approved by the Australian Department of Health

This local anaesthetic injection option for ingrown toenails is needle-free, completely painless and safe, and registered and approved by the Australian Department of Health. It’s a great option for needle phobics, children, otherwise painful treatment areas, and anyone concerned with the pain of local anaesthetic injections via the traditional needle methods.

Concerned about pain or needles? Just ask us for a pain-free injection for your infected or ingrown nail treatment

We use this pain-free local anaesthetic injection option for surgeries and injections that would otherwise be quite painful, like infected ingrown toenail treatments and ingrown toenail surgery.

But it’s not just the painful procedures that we limit this to. We understand that the pain associated with treatment can be a source of great anxiety for our patients, as can needles, and so we offer all of our patients a painless and fear-free local anaesthetic option for each of our procedures. Wherever use of the Comfort-In™ painless injection is an option, we offer it to our patients.

We offer the Comfort-In™ technology for:

Who is a needle-free, pain-free local anaesthetic injection good for?

This needle-free, pain-free local anaesthetic option, Comfort-In™, is great for needle phobics, children, and anyone concerned about pain during ingrown or infected toenail treatments.

This technology allows for the pain-free and needle-free injection of numbing local anaesthetic, even when we treat the most painful conditions, like infected or severe ingrown toenails, toenail trauma, nail avulsion and even warts.

We keep up to date on the latest technology, like needleless injections, for you

At Advance Foot Clinic, we always stay up to date on the latest technology for the benefit of our patients. This new Comfort-In™ needle free injection technology is just one example of how we do this for our valued patients. With all of our podiatry treatments and services, from infected toenail treatments to any other treatment or surgery we offer.

More about the pain-free Injection system

The pain-free injection system is a device under the brand name Comfort-In™. The needle free Comfort-In™ system is a medical device certified for safe use in Australia. The proprietary technology delivers anaesthetic liquid through the skin barrier to where it can act locally on the subcutaneous tissue. As there is no piercing of the skin with a needle, the “injection” is therefore delivered completely pain-free. We use this pain-free injection system for infected toenail treatment, non-surgical ingrown toenail treatment, and surgical treatment for ingrown toenail problems, as it allows us to deliver the numbing local anaesthetic that will relieve pain, without causing you pain to administer.

Want to know more about how the painless injection technology works?

The pain-free injection is possible due to the unique system which uses a combination of pressure, high velocity and additionally a specially designed nozzle. The liquid is pushed out of the tube and through the skin.

Our podiatrists have all been trained in using the Comfort-In™ device and it is used in any location on the foot where we would traditionally inject local anaesthetic into the skin using a needle and syringe.

Because there is no needle, accordingly there is no pain experienced when the anaesthetic is pushed into the tissue.

You may hear a sound or feel pressure in the injection area, however you won’t feel anything sharp! We are therefore removing the fear of treatment for patients who are putting off a procedure due to the anxiety associated with having an injection.

If you’re experiencing the pain of an infected ingrown toenail, you don’t need to stress about the procedure for us to treat the affected foot. We can relieve pain for you and treat the issue, without the need for any needles. We’ll apply the local anaesthetic to the affected foot, and you will only feel a very slight, painless pressure. That will allow us to effectively treat the issue, without pain for you.

Is the entire procedure needle free?

The initial needle free injection will deliver enough local aesthetic to the area to numb the site almost completely. However, depending on the treatment we are completing for you and how bad the affected foot is, we may need to administer more local anaesthetic to completely numb the area for some specific procedures. You can rest assured though that we will let you know if this will likely be the case, and you will not feel a ‘top up’ traditional injection if it is required. If needed, a traditional injection ‘top up’ is only delivered after the injection site and deeper tissue have been numbed by the Comfort-In™ device. The second injection, when it’s needed, is completely painless and done only to ensure that enough local anaesthetic is delivered into the area for a completely pain-free procedure. For any patients with a severe needle phobia, we will work with you to make the entire process as comfortable as possible for you.

When is pain-free Injection used?

The pain-free injection system can be used any time we would traditionally inject local anaesthetic before a procedure.

This is often before a nail surgery for an ingrown toenail or before any potentially painful clinical podiatry treatmentsuch as deep plantar wart debridement.

However, because of the unique pain-free aspect of the Comfort-In™ device, you may wish to have the pain-free injection before any potentially uncomfortable treatment.

Some minor procedures (e.g. removing a mild ingrown toenail) we have not typically recommended an anaesthetic injection for, due to the associated minor pain of the needle injection.

With a pain-free injection, however, there is now a way of keeping the entire treatment totally pain-free!

This means that even very painful infected toenails can be effectively treated without pain, with the use of the needleless injection system; we can rectify if your toenail grows into the skin, trim your toenails on any infected feet, help keep your infected toenails and feet clean and set to heal properly when the toenail grows out.

Are pain-free injections safe?

Absolutely! The safety of the Comfort-In™ injection device has been thoroughly tested. It is registered as a medical device in Australia. Using the Comfort-In™ system poses no extra risk compared to a traditional needle injection. Additionally, our podiatrists are trained to recognise and respond to the small risk of adverse reaction to local anaesthetic.

What you need to know about the Pain-Free Injection:

Where can I book the Pain-Free Injection?

The injections are offered at all of our five clinics across Brisbane and Mount Isa. All of our podiatrists can perform the injections so it is therefore super easy to find an appointment to suit your schedule.

How do I book a treatment?

Simply give us a call on 1300 76 33 66 and we will organise a pain-free injection during your appointment. You can also book online and mention the needle free injection when you see your podiatrist of choice.


You won’t feel any pain or sharpness, but as the needle free injection develops a large amount of pressure in the tube you might hear a loud sound or feel a rush of pressure.

Absolutely! Kids are one of the main groups of patients who we expect to benefit from the pain-free injections.

The pain-free injections may be covered by your private health policy. It depends on your policy itself. If you would like to check, the code used is F985.

Yes. We encourage any patients with a needle phobia to have a chat with our team. Depending on the extent of your phobia, we will work with you to reduce the anxiety associated with the procedure.

At Advance Foot Clinic, you can ask for a pain-free local anaesthetic injection for any treatment with us, whether it’s a surgical treatment for ingrown toenail issues or a non-surgical ingrown toenail treatment. Infected ingrown toenails can be very painful as they are, and we are here to ensure that you are as comfortable as you possibly can be.

It is best not to drive after having local anaesthetic in your feet and so you may wish to arrange for a lift. It may affect your ability to drive safely (i.e. car insurance claims may be affected). Beyond that however, you should not need to prepare in any way before a needleless injection. Your podiatrist will advise you if you need to do anything in particular.

You can expect the area to feel numb for anywhere between 1-24 hours after the injection. Times vary between individuals, but the average time is about 2-4 hours. You will likely also leave with a dressing on the area, and your podiatrist may advise you to wear open-toed or lose footwear.

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