Loss of Protective Sensation

Your podiatrist has tested the sensation in your feet and found that you no longer have adequate protective sensation.

This means that even though you can still feel your feet you may not be able to feel trauma to the skin on your feet, such as small cuts, blisters or abrasions. For example you may stand on a small piece of glass or a splinter and not realize. If trauma goes unchecked there is a chance it may lead to an infected wound, delayed healing, ulceration, or gangrene.

Your balance may also be affected putting you at an increased risk of falls.

Loss of protective sensation may indicate the early stages of peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage and your podiatrist can discuss whether further investigation may be warranted.

Loss of Protective Sensation Neuromas cause tingling and pain over sites of nerves like in the forefoot

Main contributing factors

  • Medical and Lifestyle, such as diabetes, alcoholism, medication, vascular disease, nutritional deficiencies, trauma to a nerve, toxins, bacterial & viral infections can damage your nerves
  • Age, as you get older your nerves wear out

What can you do?

  • Check your feet daily for cuts, blisters and abrasions. If you find any cover with antiseptic and a clean dressing, monitor for infection and see your doctor or podiatrist if you have any concerns
  • Always wear enclosed footwear, even in your house.
  • Regular Podiatry Assessment to check foot health and help maintain skin and nails.
  • See your doctor for a regular health review.
Loss of sensation in foot, foo about to step on some thumb tacks

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