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At Advance Foot Clinic Podiatry, we provide personalised care to keep you moving on healthy, happy feet. So put your feet in our hands and get a step ahead.

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Our clinic locations

With five convenient locations, Advance Foot Clinic Podiatry is easily accessible across Brisbane’s north and western suburbs and Mount Isa. Our state-of-the-art facilities and friendly atmosphere ensure a comfortable experience for every patient.

Our team of podiatrists

The people behind Advance Foot Clinic Podiatry are dedicated to providing the best in podiatric care to our community.

Working from one or more of our five Queensland Podiatry clinics, each of our experienced podiatrists are highly trained and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Our diverse team is skilled and knowledgeable, trained in the latest practices and technology. Therefore, they are able to handle any foot, ankle or lower leg complaint.

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Why choose us?

Comprehensive Podiatry Care

Addressing a wide range of lower limb conditions, from common to complex foot issues, to ensure comprehensive foot health management.

Convenient Locations

With six locations across Brisbane's north-western suburbs and a dedicated podiatrist in Mount Isa, we are conveniently positioned to serve the community.

Holistic Approach

Understanding the interconnectedness of foot health with overall well-being, leading to treatments that improve mobility and daily life comfort.

Experienced Podiatrists

Benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified podiatrists, dedicated to delivering top-notch care and exceptional treatment outcomes.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Receive personalised care with treatment plans specifically designed to address your unique foot health needs and concerns.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Access advanced diagnostic techniques and innovative treatments like cold laser fungal nail treatment and SWIFT microwave wart removal for effective and efficient results

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Why see a podiatrist?

Seeing a podiatrist is the best thing you can do to stay active, comfortable and confident on your feet. Podiatrists are specially trained lower limb experts who can treat a variety of conditions including biomechanical issues as well as skin and nail complaints. From the very young to the very old, podiatrists can manage any foot health concerns people may have.

Our podiatrists work tirelessly to keep you healthy and happy!

Treatments we offer

We offer an extensive range of cutting-edge treatments to cater to all your foot health needs, including Fungal Nail Laser, Onyfix for Ingrown Nails, Orthotics, Paraffin Wax Bath, Richie Brace, and Swift Wart Treatment.

Our expert podiatrists provide personalised and effective solutions for stubborn fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and custom orthotic support. Additionally, our Paraffin Wax Bath soothes and moisturises tired feet, while the Richie Brace offers additional support for foot and ankle conditions. Swift Wart Treatment removes warts using innovative microwave technology.

Podiatry for seniors

Our compassionate team understands the unique foot health needs of seniors. Whether it’s addressing age-related foot issues or providing general foot care, we are here to support you in your golden years.

Trust us to nurture your feet, so you can maintain mobility and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Take the first step towards happy and healthy feet.

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