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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic foot care is a crucial element of looking after a diabetic patient. Advance Foot Clinic plays a major role within a health care team approach in prevention and management of complications in diabetics’ feet. We advise that patients with diabetes should be assessed at least annually (more if the risk is greater ie your diabetes is not well controlled or you have suffered from diabetes for a long period of time).

Regular foot care from a Podiatrist is vital in preventing symptoms from developing. As well as nail care, callous and corn management, Advance Foot Clinic also performs neurological and vascular screening to monitor patient’s conditions. The use of dopplers (ultrasonic blood flow detection devices) at our surgeries have greatly improved the detail in which your vascular system is monitored ensuring diabetic foot care is regularly monitored.

Diabetes (mellitus) is a chronic disease that can affect people of any age. There are predisposing factors for the onset of diabetes such as genetic predisposition, weight, amount of regular exercise, diet  and age.

Diabetes affects the feet in the following ways;

  • Nerve Damage, which is not always noticeable, often we relate to the altered sensation in your feet such as “burning” or numb feet.
  • Vascular (or blood) circulation. Poor circulation can affect the ability of the body to heal when damage occurs.
  •  Higher susceptibility to infection  as the bodies immune system is compromised and circulation is not as effective
  • Ulceration of the feet and ankles due to the compromised blood flow, feeling and immune system.
  • Joint stiffness

Advance Foot clinic offers a range of proactive and reactive treatments to best ensure foot health of the diabetic patient is optimized.