How do I get rid of my ingrown toenail?

Pain from ingrown toenails can be excruciating and stop you from walking, so you'll want the pain gone, fast. Learn here how to get rid of an ingrown toenail.

An ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) is when one or both sides of your nail pushes into the skin causing inflammation and in some cases an infection. Associated pain can be a minor discomfort or intense pain that even stops you being able to walk. If you have one, your first question is likely to be “how do I get rid of my ingrown toenail?”

learn how to get rid of an ingrown toenail

How do I get rid of my ingrown toenail? Treatment options

When it comes to treating ingrown toenails it is always a good idea to get it assessed and seen to by a professional. Podiatrists are highly skilled in this area and will be able to assist with treatment for your ingrown nail.

There are usually two main treatment options:

  1. Conservative treatment
  2. Surgical treatment
ingrown nails are best treated by a podiatrist who can surgically or conservatively fix the ingrown nail

1. Conservative management

Treating conservatively is done when the ingrown nail is minor and has no other complications such as an infection. Your podiatrist will simply trim the affected nail edge to help relieve the pressure. They will also cut your nails correctly and walk you through the correct technique in order to prevent future ingrown toenails when trimming them yourself.

Your podiatrist can also reshape your nail with a new technique where a composite strip is applied across the base of your nail. This helps your nail grow out in a flatter position, instead of a sharp edge digging into the skin. This treatment system is called Onyfix.

2. Surgical Treatment

Surgical intervention is usually  recommended for a permanent solution to ingrown toenails. The procedure is called a Partial Nail Avulsion and is used in cases where the nail is deeply embedded into the nailfold of your toe or where there are other complications such as an infection, swelling or overgrown tissue. This is a minor procedure and is done in-chair by your podiatrist, taking about 20 minutes per toe. 

How do I get rid of my ingrown toenail?


Footwear plays a big role when it comes to ingrown toenails and is often the cause of the ingrown toenail. If you have ingrown toenails or are prone to developing them it is always good to have your footwear assessed to make sure they are wide and deep enough for your foot type.

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