When does my child need to see a podiatrist?


Podiatrists can play an important role in ensuring kids develop normally and pain free in their lower limbs. A podiatrist can assess gait, diagnose injuries and provide biomechanical intervention for a number of problems. So you may find yourself asking, “when does my child need to see a podiatrist?”


When your child is in pain

When kids are growing up, playing sports, and generally very active, some pain is expected with inevitable injuries and occasional growing pains. We previously ran through some of the most common causes for children’s foot pain and leg pain. If your child is in pain regularly, or for a long time, it is definitely worth seeing a podiatrist for a detailed assessment of the cause of pain. 

Your child frequently trips or is uncoordinated

Some tripping or mild coordination difficulty is perfectly normal if kids have just gone through a big growth spurt, however it should not occur frequently. If it does, it means something is amiss either with their footwear or with their lower limb posture and biomechanics. Taking your child to see a podiatrist is a fantastic way to get this assessed. A podiatrist will be able to work out why your child is struggling, and how to help.


There is a family history of foot problems

Things often run in families. Foot problems are no different. Often problems like flat feet, hypermobility, ingrown toenails, bunions, warts and other skin problems are more likely to occur if there is a family history. If there is a family history, it makes sense to seek early assessment and intervention. For example, if there is a family history of painful flat feet and your child has flat feet, why wait for them to become painful? See a podiatrist, let them know your concerns, and we will work with you to come up with a plan for keeping your kid happy on their feet.


You have concerns or would like advice

In addition to what is listed above, don’t forget that when it comes to your child, you are the expert! You know what is normal and abnormal for your child. If you have any concerns about your child’s lower limb health and development, our podiatrists are happy to help. Similarly, we are always very happy to provide general preventative advice such as school shoe advice.

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