Does NDIS cover podiatry?

NDIS funding can cover a wide variety of things. You may have found yourself asking exactly what you can get help with. One of the questions we get asked is “does NDIS cover podiatry?” The answer is yes. We can be a part of your allied health team funded by the NDIS. This is to provide a range of treatments and assistive technology to help you achieve your best life. 

does NDIS cover podiatry

Connection to your disability

Like most funding available through NDIS, there must be a connection between your disability and the service being provided. Podiatry treatment is indicated for a number of reasons, some of which may include but are not limited to:

  • Disorders resulting in difficulty walking (e.g. cerebral palsy)
  • Mobility challenges which impede safe self-care of feet and nails
  • Toe-walking as a result of sensory processing difficulties
  • Intellectual impairment that causes difficulty with self-care of feet and nail cutting
  • And foot pain or instability which interferes with independence in activities of daily living

If podiatry is likely to assist in the management of your disability, you may be able to access funding through the NDIS to come and see us. Usually you do this by adding podiatry to your NDIS plan at your plan review. Otherwise you can send a request to add it midway through. 

NDIS Plans

An NDIS plan is a plan which sets out where your available funding should be allocated to best meet your overall goals. If you have included podiatry, there are a couple of considerations:

  • Government funding (Medicare chronic disease management plan) is used first where applicable.
  • Podiatry treatment must be related to your disability in some way.
  • We will discuss, agree upon and sign your Service Agreement during your initial appointment
NDIS registered podiatrist

What can podiatry provide to help me?

Podiatrists can help people in a number of ways. Some of the things NDIS may provide funding for as part of podiatry treatment includes:

  • Custom orthotics or braces to assist with ambulation and mobility
  • Help accessing suitable orthopaedic footwear or custom footwear
  • General care of feet and nails (e.g. nail cutting, hard skin removal)
  • Care of ingrown toenails
  • As well as treatment for foot, leg, knee and hip pain

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