Manage your foot health with diabetes

When you’re living with diabetes, taking care of your feet is so important! Besides seeing your podiatrist for continuing care and regular assessments, there’s plenty you can do at home to help manage your foot health with diabetes. Here’s some tips and tricks!


Tips to help you manage your foot health with diabetes at home

1. Make sure to rotate 2-3 pairs of shoes that you wear every day to reduce chances of getting Athletes Foot.
2. To prevent an Athletes Foot re-infection, make sure to wash your socks in at least 60͒C. Otherwise, purchase Canesten Laundry Rinse from the supermarket (where you find the washing powder) and put that in with your washing. This will eliminate any fungal spores in your clothing.
3. Do not forget to put sunscreen on your feet when swimming, or being outside with sandals on. Also, wear surf shoes to protect your feet against abrasions and cuts when in the water.
4. In winter make sure you do not sit with your feet too close to heaters and fires (3 meters). Similarly, do not use electric blankets, hot water bottles or heated pads on your feet, especially if you have lost sensation.
5. Buy shoes in the afternoon as opposed to first thing in the morning, because your feet generally swell up throughout the day and will be at their widest in the afternoon.
6. Always have both of your feet measured before buying shoes. Our feet get wider as we get older and so may have changed since the last time you were measured.
7. In addition, one foot may be bigger than the other (this is normal). This is why both feet need to be measured and the shoe size should match the bigger foot.
8. Always moisturise your feet, except between your toes! The only place you do not put moisturiser is in between your toes.
8. Stay away from shoes with exposed stitching on the inside of the shoe, particularly around the toes. This can cause rubbing and blistering.
10. Nail polish should not stay on for longer than a week!

And some extras!

11. Any fungal nails should be left until last to cut to avoid spreading the fungus to the other nails. Then make sure to sterilise the clippers in rubbing alcohol or boiling water.
12. Never cut down the sides of your nails, always straight across. However, if you do have sharp edges, take a nail file to round the corner off. 
13. Always dry in between your toes. If you struggle to reach, there are options. For instance, place a towel on the ground and use your toes to scrunch the towel up.
14. Finally, never go outside without shoes on! 

Make the most of these strategies to manage your foot health with diabetes! Remember, there is no substitute for continuing care with a podiatrist. If you are unsure about something, book yourself an appointment to get it checked out. 

Take the first step towards happy and healthy feet.

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